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Storytelling with Puck.

Storytelling with Puck 2024

Shhhhh. Gather round. We’ve got something to tell you. Something so magical that the lions have stopped roaring, the cars have stopped revving, even the magicians have stopped casting spells. The rumours have been swirling while the gossips were stirring but you were wise. You waited. You created. You anticipated this very moment.

So, let’s not hold our breath any longer. It’s time. Storytelling with Puck 2024 is coming, Puck Creations are hosting but you’ve got the leading role!

Connect on a deeper level

Are you the kind who prefers a pen or a pencil, a paintbrush or a mould, a digital or an analogue zoom? Maybe you like to use everything at once? Whether its with words, imagery, motion picture or something we haven’t yet conceived of, there are people who want to share in your story and connect on a deeper level. Here’s how you can make that happen:

The finer details of Storytelling with Puck

Between January 30th and February 6th 2024, follow these instructions:

That’s it! We’ll curate all of the stories so you can be creative and bask in the creativity of others.

Storytelling with Puck 2024 events

On top of the daily sharing of stories, you can connect in person, or at least on Zoom. Check the Storytelling with Puck Events Page to see what’s on and get a peak of the fun we had by watching the video.

Great Collections

How lucky can you get? Every year since this wonderful event started, you have been willing to share your stories and make this event magical. Through all of this, we’ve managed to curate a great collection of stories. Read them, take inspiration and see why Storytelling with Puck is all about making magic with words.

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